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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services, with compassion and thought to the needs of the elder client.

Kevin Elmore graduated cum laude from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, in May, 1993. He has been a licensed attorney for the last 24 years assisting consumers in estate planning and financial planning matters. He is a graduate of The Elder Law College, a training and education program for Elder Law attorneys. He is also a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS/NAHB). He is admitted to practice law in California and Colorado.

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Admitted to practice in:

Unites Stated District Courts of California and Colorado

State Courts of California and Colorado

United States Tax Court

Our Services

Estate Planning

Estate planning for the elderly client includes many of the same general principles as younger families but with special consideration for care and aging issues.

Services include: Living Trusts, General and/or Special Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives, Personal Residence Trusts, and Special Needs Trusts

Asset Protection

Asset protection for the elder client includes:

Provide for the long term needs of husband and wife;

Preserve assets for the benefit of the well spouse and their heirs;

Reduce or eliminate the fear of living in poverty due to medical and care expenses.

Medicaid Planning

Tap all existing sources of assistance to meet the costs of long term care;

Evaluate the benefits and limitations of the public health care system; and

Lessen the impact such planning has on the family, estate and heirs.

Financial Help

We can refer you to the appropriate resources for financial advice and assistance, including public programs and private investment services.

Start with a Conversation

Often the most difficult part is acknowledging and accepting our changing needs as we get older. A discussion with a professional can identify areas that need attention and thoughtful planning before an issue arises.

Protecting You and Your Family

Preparing and implementing necessary legal documents will preserve your desires when or if you are unable to speak for yourself. This can seem overwhelming but most families require only a few simple key documents to meet this objective.

Helpful Videos

You can find helpful free videos on common topics on our YouTube channel. Check back often for new videos.

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