The cost of retirement and long term care continues to grow.  Retirement plans and available funds of most seniors do not adequately provide for these expenses.  However, a recent study found that 65% of those over 65 own their home outright, representing $5.1 Trillion Dollars in untapped equity.  A federally insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) allows seniors to use this untapped home equity as a source of funding for retirement.

For examples of how a reverse mortgage can boost your retirement income click a link below:

Reverse Mortgage As A Retirement Planning Tool

Reverse Mortgage To Fund Long Term Care

Long Term Care Statistics

Lifetime probability of becoming disabled68%
% of all seniors that will enter a nursing home40%

Retirement Statistics

% of those age 55-64 with no retirement savings
% of those age 55-64 not confident they have enough money to last through retirement
% over age 65 who rely completely on Social Security